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Lockyer Monument

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The North Transept houses a monument which commemorates the physician, Lionel Lockyer. In his day he was famous for his pills, and died (rather surprisingly, in view of the claims made for the pills) in 1672. The inscription on the monument reads:

Lockyer Monument

Here Lockyer: lies interr'd enough: his name
Speakes one hath few competitors in fame:
A name soe Great, soe Generall't may scorne
Inscriptions whch doe vulgar tombs adorne.
A diminution 'tis to write in verse
His eulogies whch most mens mouths rehearse.
His virtues & his PILLS are soe well known..
That envy can't confine them vnder stone.
But they'll surviue his dust and not expire
Till all things else at th'universall fire.
This verse is lost, his PILL Embalmes him safe
To future times without an Epitaph

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