Southwark Cathedral

Roman Mosaic

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Crossing and Transepts

Choir and Retro-Choir
High Altar
Humble monument
Wooden effigy of a knight
Nonsuch chest
Bishop Andrewes' tomb
Bishop Talbot's monument
Roman mosaic


Southwark Cathedral is right next to London Bridge. For many centuries this was the only crossing point into London. Recent archaeological excavations suggest that Southwark is older and more complex than originally thought.

Roman mosaic

It is believed that there has been a church on this site for over 1000 years. However the site has been in use for even longer as it was once the site of a Roman villa. Whilst little is known of the building, small parts of a Roman paving have been incorporated into the floors of the north and south choir aisles. In 1977 a well was discovered beneath the Choir. Amongst the remains was a statue of a Roman hunter god dating from the fourth century. A replica can be seen in a glass case adjacent to the archaeological chamber in Lancelot's Link. 


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Southwark Cathedral
Last updated: 20/06/07