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Wanamaker Memorial

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Sam Wanamaker CBE (1919-1993) was an American artist, director and producer but is probably best known as the driving force behind the rebuilding of Shakespeare's Globe. During one visit to London he decided to try and find the location of Shakespeare's legendary Globe Theatre. He was dismayed to find the only record of the theatre was a small plaque on a brewery wall. He dedicated much of his life to championing the rebuilding of the Globe on the South Bank. After battling bureaucracy for many years his vision finally triumphed and permission was granted for the building of a replica of the Globe on a site very close to the original.

Sadly Sam died before the project was completed, but his actress daughter Ze carries on the Wanamaker association with the theatre. With the success of the Globe now beyond dispute, Sam Wanamaker will be remembered as a man who did much to help revive interest in the South Bank.

Wanamaker Memorial

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