Contact Diocesan staff

Adjetey, Pauline - Operations Manager, SLDHA

Avery, Andy - Deputy Diocesan Surveyor

Bailey, Anita - Administrator, SLDHA

Bedlow, Nadina - PA to the Bishop of Croydon

Brown, Lola - Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns Executive Officer

Butler, Dion - Clerk of Works

Card, Jonathan - Interim Director, SLDHA

Cassidy, Heather - Administrative Officer (Stipends)

Chapman, Chris - Diocesan Spiritual Formation Adviser and Teaching Officer

Charlton, Mark - Director of Office Support Services

Cheetham, Dr Richard - Bishop of Kingston

Chessun, Christopher - Bishop of Southwark

Clark, Jonathan - Bishop of Croydon

Coe, Richard - PA to the Diocesan Secretary

Craven, Linda - CRB Administrator/ PA to Head of Human Resources

Craven, Stephen - Adminstrator, Pastoral Department

Cutting, Alastair - Archdeacon of Lewisham & Greenwich

Dallimore, Bob - Acting Financial Controller & Management and Trust Accountant

Davey, Andrew - Ministry Development

Diamond, Frances - PA to Director of Communications & Resources and Departmental Administrator

Djan-Krofa, Richard - Deputy Diocesan Surveyor

Drummond, Terry - Bishop of Southwark's Adviser on Urban and Public Policy

Elkin, Margaret - PA to the Bishop of Woolwich

Flowerdew, Christine - Ministry & Training Department (Contact for Reader, SPA and Safeguarding training)

Gates, Simon - Archdeacon of Lambeth

Greber, Eric - Diocesan Surveyor

Gretton, Chris - Fairer Shares Volunteer

Hance, Stephen - Diocesan Missioner

Harris, Steve - Diocesan Communications Officer

Henson, John - Fairer Shares Volunteer

Hewitt, Jenni - PA to the Archdeacons of Lewisham & Greenwich and Southwark

Hewitt, Matt - Network Analyst

Highwood, Debbie - Senior Property Administrator

Homewood, Tracey - Secretarial Assistant (Property)

Humphries, Margaret - PA to the Bishop of Kingston

Ipgrave, Dr Michael - Bishop of Woolwich

Khan, Hay  - Housing Officer, SLDHA

Lane, Andrew - Deputy Diocesan Secretary

Lee, Sonia - Administrative Officer (Finance)

Lochead, Penny - Secretary to the Bishop of Southwark

Loft. David - Director of Human Resources

Love, Anne - Mothers' Union Diocesan Secretary

Maree, Sue - Ministry & Training Department (Contact for clergy training)

Martin, Ruth - Diocesan Secretary

Nelson, Romana - PA to the Archdeacons of Lambeth and Wandsworth

Nunn, Andrew - Dean of Southwark

Penwarden, Odette - Reception

Pontin, Jackie - Diocesan Stewardship Resources Officer

Reid, Paul - Premises Officer

Reid, Valrie - Deputy Accountant

Roberts, Jonathan - Woolwich Area Parish Development Officer

Roberts, Leanne - Diocesan Director of Ordinands

Roberts, Stephen - Archdeacon of Wandsworth

Robins, Wendy - Director of Communications & Resources & Bishop's Press Officer

Rodney, Roy - Maintenance Officer, SLDHA

Short, Steve - Assistant Safeguarding Adviser

Singleton, Kate - Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser

Skilton, Chris - Archdeacon of Croydon

Steadman, Mark - Chaplain to the Bishop of Southwark

Steen, Jane - Archdeacon of Southwark

Stewart, Sue - Ministry & Training Department (Contact for Vocations discernment and ordination)

Stone, Daniel - Diocesan Social Media Officer

Thomas, Winsome - Personal Secretary to the Bishop of Southwark

Tua Clark, Marlene - Administrator, SLDHA


Wheeler, Susan - PA to the Archdeacons of Croydon and Reigate

Zihni, Andrew - Assistant Diocesan Director of Ordinands