Prayer & Spirituality

Tools for Prayer

Prayer stones

pebbles.jpgYou may wish to take a prayer stone as a focus for your prayer.

Spend a few moments quietly resting in God’s presence.

Look at your stone: see its colour and shape. Feel its texture and its weight.

How does it feel in your hand?

Think about the story of this stone: the rock from which it came, the wind, sun, frost and water that shaped it into its current form.

Think about your own story, and what has led you to today.

As you hold your stone know that your yesterday, today and tomorrow are held in the palm of God’s hand.

If you wish, when you have finished your prayer you leave your stone in this House of Prayer as a symbol of trusting your life to God’s care.

You may want to take your stone home with you and use it again when you pray.