Prayer & Spirituality

Teach us to Pray

Invitations to prayer within the church building and grounds

A prayer table in your church
A space with resources, tools and guides to prayer that people can use while they are in the church. It need not be complicated or expensive to set up. Here are some examples of what might go on your prayer table

  • Some ‘holding crosses’ with a guide to their use [simple crosses can be made using sticks tied with wire or ribbon]
  • A set of ‘prayers for your prayer’ – words of prayers from the bible and other sources, expressing different moods and feelings, with each prayer on a separate sheet.
  • Some icons and prayer pictures on small cards as visual starting points for prayer
  • Some laminated prayer guides, introducing different ways of prayer, as in the ‘tools for prayer’ on this website
  • A basket of ‘prayer stones’- pebbles of different size and colour, with a guide to their use

Above the table place a visible, A4 laminated sheet with ‘Prayer Table: Ideas and resources to help you pray’, and on the table itself a sheet indicating ‘Please use any of these resources whilst you are in the church, and return them here’.

From time to time refresh your prayer table - perhaps in relation to liturgical seasons - so it doesn’t get stale.

Prayer stations
Create different focal points for prayer within the church building. For example:

  • An intercessions space:

Prayer board with post its for new requests for prayer  / votive candles, a ‘prayer tree’.

  • A word / bible space:

With passages from the bible or from Christian writing or poetry plus related guides to ways of prayer [for example lectio divina / imaginative contemplation of a bible passage].

  • A contemplative space:

With a focal point of a cross, or an icon or a lit candles – with elated guides to ways of stilling / centering prayer.

labyrinth.gifA quiet garden
Using outside space to make an oasis of calm and refreshment for local people.
Use symbols / words that express that this is also ‘sacred space’: a verse from a psalm on a bench; spring flowers planted in the shape of a cross; an Easter garden; a prayer labyrinth;  a small cairn of stones that can be added to represent people’s prayers...