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Courses and events

How to lead a quiet day

Tuesday 1/8 March 2016, 10.30am to 1pm in Trinity House

labyrinth Southwark cathedral 2011 2.jpg A day set aside to be open to God can take many forms. These two sessions will move in a step by step way through the process of planning and leading a quiet day.  We will explore how to help people into stillness and a variety of prayer related resources.

Led by Chris Chapman and members of the Quiet Day Leaders Network.


‘Awakening:  Meeting the risen Jesus in daily life’ - The Diocesan Prayer and Spirituality Day

Saturday 16 April 2016, Southwark Cathedral, 10am to 4pm

Emmaus Road.jpg The main speakers are Margaret Silf & Bishop Christopher and there will be workshops on:

  • Discerning the Spirit
  • The power of story
  • Circle Dancing
  • Creative writing
  • Meeting God in loss & change
  • The labyrinth and prayer
  • Creativity and prayer

and more… 

Download the programme here

Cost: £5 per individual or £20 per parish booking (up to 8 people).

To register and for further details contact: Caroline Wakelam-Jones:    020 7939 9475

With the Spirit as our guide:
Exploring the ministry of spiritual direction

Saturday 14 May 2016, 10am to 1pm in St. Matthew’s House, Croydon

A spiritual director helps another to listen to the Spirit and deepen prayer amidst the complexity of daily life. This session is aimed at those who wish to widen their understanding of this ministry, and explore opportunities for development within it.

Led by Chris Chapman

Deeper into God:
Prayer within the Carmelite tradition

Wednesday 20/27 April 2016, 6.30pm to 8.30pm in Trinity House

mutter These two sessions will explore how we co-operate with the work of the Spirit drawing us deeper into relationship with God and outwards with God into the world. We will consider how prayer, in its different forms, allows God to form and lead us, drawing on the writings of Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross.

Led by Chris Chapman


For details or to book for any of the courses on this page please contact Chris Chapman, Spiritual Formation Adviser - tel: 020 7939 9474.