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Prayer Calendar

July 2010

The prayer calendar includes the ANGLICAN CYCLE OF PRAYER. The full Calendar, including maps, is available from Church House, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3NZ.

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Stay with us Lord,
open our eyes and set our hearts on fire,
as you open your word,
as you break your bread,
as we live your life.
Enrich us with your grace,
empower us by your Spirit,
enfold us in your love,
as we walk the journey of faith with you.


Southwark WWI names

Throughout the next four years the Day Chaplains at the Cathedral will be reading out names of those who died during the First World War and who are linked to parishes in the Diocese of Southwark. The names will be read out on the half-hour, hourly during the course of the day.

The names are also being sent to parishes to include with their daily prayers from the Diocesan Prayer Calendar and can be found here.

1 Jul 2010


The Tooting Deanery is a very mixed area both racially and socially, with large communities of Asian, African, Afro-Caribbean and European people; there is also a high refugee population. The Deanery includes St George's Hospital, Springfield Psychiatric Hospital and Wandsworth Prison.  

Pray for the Tooting Deanery:
Wilma Roest (AD)
Joan Botterill (LC)

The Rt Revd Clifton Daniel, Bishop of East Carolina (Province lV,USA), Priests & People

2 Jul 2010

St Mary & St John the Divine, Balham

Wilma Roest (PinC)(AD)
Helen Cowen (Reader)
Susanne Mitchell (Reader)
Daphne Clarke (SPA)

Trinity, St Mary's School: Julie Davey (Head Teacher)

Pray for the Board of Education

The Rt Revd Dr Daniel Bishop of East Kerala (South India), Priests & People

3 Jul 2010

St Thomas the Apostle

The Ascension, Balham Hill:
Stephen Hance (V)
Jim Foley (Asst C)
Katherine Seagrave (Asst C)
Peter Houghton (HonC)
Dorothy Penniecooke (Hon C)

The Rt Revd Charles Glenn von Rosenberg, Bishop of East Tennessee (Province lV,USA), Priests & people

4 Jul 2010

Ordination Sunday

Pray for those to be ordained Priest & Deacons in the Cathedral and Episcopal Areas today and for the parishes in which they will serve

St Paul (Furzedown), Streatham
George Howard (PIC)
Sue Clarke (HonAssV)
Peter Jones (Reader)(PTO)
Alice Philadelphia (SPA)

Pray for The Church of Pakistan United - for The Rt Revd Samuel Azariah, the Moderator and Bishop of Raiwind, Priests & People

5 Jul 2010

St Alban, Streatham Park

Marc Richeux (V)

The Rt Revd Dr Naresh Samuel Ambala, Bishop of Eastern Himalayas (North India), Priests & people

6 Jul 2010

St Mary, Summerstown

Roger Ryan (V)
Jean Shults (SPA)

Pray for this evening's Diocesan Synod meeting at St John's Waterloo

The Rt Revd S Todd Ousley, Bishop of Eastern Michigan (Province V, USA), Priests & people

7 Jul 2010

All Saints, Tooting

Simon Metzner (V)
Gordon Waller (HonC)
Alan Archer (Reader)
Mable Muir (Reader)
Sydney Wager (Reader)(PTO)

The Rt Revd Cyrus Pitman, Bishop of Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador (Canada), Priests & people

8 Jul 2010

Welcare in Wandsworth/Welcare Family Group Meeting Service

The Managers and Staff of Welcare in Wandsworth and Welcare Family Group Meeting Service which is based in Wandsworth

The Vacant See of Eastern Oregon (Province Vlll, USA), Priests & People

9 Jul 2010

General Synod

Pray for General Synod Meeting at York from now until (and including) 13th July

St Nicholas, Tooting Graveney:
Christopher Davis (R)
James Fletcher (AsstC)
Stuart Allen (HonC)
Robin Thomson (HonC)

The Rt Revd William Mchombo, Bishop of Eastern Zambia (Central Africa), Priests & people

10 Jul 2010

Holy Trinity with St Augustine, Upper Tooting

The Venerable Stephen Roberts (PinC)
Mary Hancock (HonC)
Barry Nichols (HonC)
Jane Milligan (Reader)
Myra Nichols (Reader)

The Rt Revd James Shand, Bishop of Easton (Province lll, USA), Priests & people

11 Jul 2010

St Benedict

St Mary Magdalene, Wandsworth Common:
Currently vacant (V)
Cathy Wiles (HonC)
Victor Baker-Holmes (Reader)(PTO)
Ron Griffin (Reader) (PTO)

Pray for The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea - for The Most Revd James Simon Ayong, Archbishop, also Bishop of Alpo Rongo (Papua New Guinea), Priests & people

12 Jul 2010

St James, West Streatham

George Howard (V)
Johan Allen (HonC)
Susan Clarke (HonC)
Joan Botterill (Reader)(PTO)
David Ingram (Reader)
John Farebrother (SPA)

The Rt Revd Keith Bernard Whitmore, Bishop of Eau Claire (Province V, USA), Priests & people

13 Jul 2010

St George's Healthcare NHS Trust

Hilary Johnson (Team Leader)
Joanne Farman; Rob Wall; Martin Taylor (Chaplains)
Readers, SPAs and other Volunteers who assist the chaplains.

The Rt Revd Brian Arthur Smith, Bishop of Edinburgh (Scotland), Priests & people

14 Jul 2010

S. W. London and St George's Mental Health Trust

Cathy Wiles (Team Leader)
Richard Allen, Frances Forward, Sally Jones (Chaplains)
Alix Morgan (SPA)

The Rt Revd Jane Alexander, Bishop of Edmonton (Rupert's Land, Canada), Priests & people

15 Jul 2010

Guy's & St Thomas Hospital NHS Trust

Mia Hilborn (Team Leader and Hospitaller)
Narinder Tegally (Senior Chaplain)
Art Barron; John Watts (Chaplains)
William Sharpe; Sue Taylor (Asst.Chaplains)

The Rt Revd D Matthew Oluremi Owadayo, Bishop of Egba (Province of Lagos, Nigeria), Priests & People

16 Jul 2010

HMP Wandsworth

Tim Bryan (Co-ordinating Chaplain)
Sue Lucas (CofE Chaplain)
Sessional priests, SPA's and other volunteers who assist the chaplains.

The Rt Revd Samuel Olukunle Ajani Bishop of Egba West (Province of Lagos, Nigeria), Priests & people

17 Jul 2010


A deanery mixing great prosperity with pockets of serious deprivation and hidden needs.  

Pray for Wandsworth Deanery:
Heinz Toller (AD)
James McKinney (AsstAD)
Andrew Simon (LC)
Clergy with PTO; Gerard Bonham-Carter, Colin Calcott-James, Stephen Edwards, Peter Kettle, Ruth Lampard, Alex Mills, Anne Townsend

The Rt Revd Professor Emmanuel Uchechukwu Iheagwam, Bishop of Egbu (Province of Owerri, Nigeria), Priests & people

18 Jul 2010

St Andrew, Earlsfield

Jonathan Brown (V)
Victoria Hackett (HonC)
Richard Peers (HonC)
Denise Mumford (Reader)(PTO)
Michael Okoye (Reader)(PTO)

Pray for The Episcopal Church in the Philippines - for The Rt Revd Edward Pacyaya Malecdan, Prime Bishop elect of The Episcopal Church in the Philippines, Priests & people

19 Jul 2010

St John the Divine, Earlsfield

Colin Roberts (V)
Paul Kambalametore (PDWorker)
Isaac Biney (Reader)(PTO)

Christchurch Earlsfield (Co-mission Church)
Dr. Gavin McGrath (Minister)

The Rt Revd Daniel Olinya, Bishop of Eha, Amufu (Nigeria), Priests & people

20 Jul 2010

St Margaret, Putney

Ann Brodie (P-in-C)
Ann East (Reader)

The Most Revd Samuel Adedaye Abe, Archbishop of Ekiti and The Rt Revd Andrew Ajayi, Bishop of Ekiti Kwara (Province of Ondo, Nigeria), Priests & People

21 Jul 2010

Putney Team Ministry

Ailsa Newby (P-in-C)
Christopher Eyden (AsstC)
Caroline Donne (Reader)

St Mary, Putney
Ursula Hodges (Reader)
Richard Holman (Reader)
Ian Yearsley (Reader)(PTO)

All Saints, Putney
Currently vacant (TV)

St Mary's School (JM&I) and All Saints School (JM&I&N)

The Rt Revd Samuel Oludare Oke, Bishop of Ekiti West and The Rt Revd Isaac Olubowale, Bishop of Ekiti Oke (Province of Ondo Nigeria), Priests & people

22 Jul 2010


Holy Trinity, Roehampton:
Jim McKinney (V)
Jed Davis (EP)
Anne Arnold (Reader)(PTO)
Marilyn Woodroffe (Reader)

Roehampton Church of England School

The Rt Revd Michael Bird, Bishop of Niagara (Ontario, Canada), Priests & people

23 Jul 2010

St Barnabas, Southfields

Ian Tattum (PiC)
Joy Boyce (HonC)

The Rt Revd Mark van Koevering, Bishop of Niassa (South Africa), Priests & people

24 Jul 2010

All Saints with Holy Trinity, Wandsworth

Gregory Prior (V)
Andrew Cinnamond (AsstC)

The Rt Revd Mary Gray-Reeves Bishop of El Camino Real (Province Vlll, USA), Priests & people

25 Jul 2010

St Anne with St Faith Wandsworth

Gordon Jeanes (V)
Louise Boulton (HonC)

St Anne's School (JM&I&N)
St Faith's School (JM&I&N)

Pray for L'Eglise Episcopal du Rwanda and The Most Revd Emmanuel Musaba Kolini, Archbishop of Rwanda and Bishop of Kigali, Priests & people

26 Jul 2010


(transferred from 25th July)

Pray for our partner churches in Churches Together in South London: the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark; the London Methodist District;the United Reformed Church Southern Synod; the London Baptist Association; the Salvation Army London South East Division; +Paul Hendricks (Chair); John Richardson (Ecumenical Officer)

The Rt Revd Ismail Abudigin Kawo Gibreil, Bishop of El-Obeid (Sudan), Priests & People

27 Jul 2010

St Michael & All Angels (Southfields) w St Stephen, Wandsworth

Stephen Melluish (V)
David Meldrum (AsstC)
Rachel Collins (HonC)
Annie Kurk (HonC)

St Michael's School (JM&I)

The Rt Revd Thomas Kogo, Bishop of Eldoret (Kenya), Priests & People

28 Jul 2010

St Paul (Wimbledon Park), Wandsworth:

Heinz Toller (V)(AD)
Caroline Mullins (HonC)
Norman Allen (Reader)(PTO)
John Townsend (Reader)(PTO)
Joan Endean (SPA)
Pam Whiting (SPA)

The Rt Revd Anthony John Russell, Bishop of Ely, and The Rt Revd David Thomson, Bishop of Huntingdon (Ely, Canterbury, England), Priests & People

29 Jul 2010

Whitelands College, University of Surrey Roehampton

Daniel Eshun (Chaplain)

Pray for The Rt Revd Henry Tiras Nyaga Kathii, Bishop of Embu (Kenya), Priests & People

30 Jul 2010

St Cecilia's Church Secondary School

Jeffrey Risbridger (Head Teacher)
A Kurk (Chaplain)

The Rt Revd Dr Emmanuel O Chukwuma, Bishop of Enugu (Province of the Niger, Nigeria), Priests & people

31 Jul 2010

Wandsworth Teaching PCT

Queen Mary's Hospital, Roehampton & Orchard Hill Learning Disability Centre:
Howard Smith (Chaplaincy Team Leader)

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability:
Geoff Coyne

The Rt Revd Sosthenes Eze, Bishop of Enugu North (Province of the Niger, Nigeria), Priests & people

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