Fairer Shares and Diocesan Finances

Understanding your Fairer Shares assessment

The Diocese of Southwark operates a "FAIRER SHARES" Scheme and the Fairer Shares (quota) payments by parishes fund the pooled cost of Diocesan ministry and support. This allows the Diocese of Southwark to have clergy in every parish – including those parishes which otherwise could not support a minister.

The cost of maintaining and supporting our clergy in 2014 is:

£52,430 (£1,008 per week)

This is for a full time incumbent and the cost includes stipend, housing, National Insurance, pension contributions and additional support, such as training, removal and resettlement costs and other benefits.

The Diocese also provides support to parishes through Area Mission Teams. Boards, Committees and Groups, and national church costs, totalling approximately £11,000 per parish.

Some parishes pay more than the cost of their clergy and some less depending on their fairer shares assessment. A parish’s assessment is based on both the size of their congregation and the average income of their congregation.

Using the information above, you should be able to work out whether you are a net receiver (i.e. you pay less than £1,008 per week) or a net giver (i.e. you pay more than £1,008 per week). This information can often help with stewardship campaigns and you should make the congregation aware of these figures.

Further information

Basic information about the Fairer Shares Scheme can be found in this leaflet and a fuller explanation of the Scheme is available in the detailed Fairer Shares booklet which is available in a version for reading and a version for printing.

In 2014, Reigate and Lambeth Archdeaconries will be undergoing their triennial Fairer Shares review. Click on the link for a downloadable version of the Fairer Shares income survey letter and response form.

More information on the Diocesan budget is available in the Money Matters leaflet and on the Board of Finance pages.